about the artist

Sintija "siins" Ukše is a Latvian visual artist who has been actively doing freelance work online for over a decade. They're most interested in illustration and character design, exploring heavy stylization and funny shapes.Education:
♦ Masters in New Media Art
♦ Professional qualification in Multimedia Design
Past clients:
Elbertson and Sons LLC, Behaviour Interactive, What Pumpkin Studios, KoorinGal Publications.
Work has been featured in various art zines and books, included in community projects, used in game and streamer merchandising, and more.>> COMPREHENSIVE LIST OF FEATURES>> CONVENTION PORTFOLIOFor questions and freelance opportunities you can reach them at sintijaukse@gmail.com


upcoming conventions

  • Ropecon 2024, Helsinki, Finland - July 19-21

  • Unicon 2024, Riga, Latvia - August 17-18

  • Tracon 2024, Tampere, Finland - September 6-8



Melvin is obsessed with Milton’s Game. He also has a huge crush on the titular character.
Milton is a digital trickster entity with reality altering powers, housed in the game's cart. Urban legends on forums state that by playing Milton’s Game you can make your wildest dreams come true.
What happens when Melvin commits to summoning the digital trickster to grant him a very special wish?
Pixelwish is my first delve into making a webcomic. The comic was first posted online September 10th, 2018 and is currently technically ongoing, however on an indefinite hiatus.



I got to do 2 card illustrations for Jerma985's trading card game Grotto Beasts!
I did the card art for Dunk Tank and Top Rope.


I did the Women of Dead by Daylight design which is available on various products on the Official Dead by Daylight merch shop.


I did several designs that were available for a limited time for a poster, mug and various stickers for the Half-Life VR, but the AI is Self-Aware series, that were available on the WayneRadioTV Teespring shop.


I got to do the illustration for October in the 2018 Homestuck Calender that was available on the For Fans by Fans store.


I got to do 4 card illustrations in the first Homestuck Tarot deck which was included in the Kickstarter rewards for the Homestuck Adventure Game.

3D modelling




  • [upcoming] Object Head Zine 2025 Magic and Fantasy || LINK

  • [upcoming] The Oceanview Guestbook || LINK

  • Guild Wars 2: Commander of Your Heart Zine (2024) || LINK

  • FBC Zine, a Control Fanzine (2023) Zath, WondrousWendy || LINK

  • Object Head Zine 2023 Historical Fiction (2023) Louise Leung || LINK

  • At Home in the Mirror: A Disco Elysium Fanzine (2022) lileiv || LINK

  • Paranormalcy: A Cryptozoology Zine (2021) Vinegar Zines || LINK

  • Object Head Zine 2021 Celestial Bodies (2021) Louise Leung || LINK

  • Population Growing: An Animal Crossing Zine (2020) Pibmo || LINK

  • What a Cartoon! Cartoon Network Fanzine (2020) finnyinspace || LINK

  • Majima Everywhere (2019) HoneyPro || LINK

  • Object Head Zine 2019 Superstitions Edition (2019) Louise Leung || LINK

  • Of Money And Explosives - A Junkrat Fanzine (2019) Tokio’s Zines

  • The Uncanny Zine (2018) Julian Miholics || LINK

  • Fat Mermaids II (2018) whimsipop || LINK

  • Fearful Asymmetry. A Jasper Charity Fanzine (2018) RhandiDandy

  • Game Grumps V (2018) Drew Gamble || LINK

  • Sharper Than Knives. A Talon Fanzine (2018) Catstealers Zines || LINK

  • It Takes A Woman Volume 2 (2017) Catstealers Zines || LINK

  • Chompers Zine (2017) Aika || LINK

  • Classified. A Blackwatch Zine (2017) Allie and Robin || LINK

  • Green Hill Zine. A Sonic Fanzine For Charity (2017) Ellen Alsop || LINK

  • LucasFans: A LucasArts Fanzine (2017) Marco Brunello || LINK

  • Celebrations. An Overwatch Event Zine (2017) MissDeerFace, Drew Gamble || LINK

  • EgoSonic Allstars (2017) Ludolik || LINK

  • I Wanna Be A Superhero. A One Punch Man Fanzine (2016) Rodrigo and Kyla Carneiro || LINK

  • Game Grumps Community Celebration (2015) Ludolik || LINK

  • The Crystal Gem Zine (2015) Jenna Brown, Nicole Sexton || LINK

  • Object Head Zine (2015) Louise Leung || LINK

  • Turf War! A Splatoon Zine. Team Octoling Edition (2015) Sami Briggs, Jenna Brown, Emi Jack || LINK

  • Heiresses of Atalanta. Volume 1 of the Buff Babe Zines (2015) Noella Whitney || LINK

  • Sweet Treats Comic Zine (2015) DAP Show, DAPshow, ISBN: B010KWCXM0 || LINK


  • Epoch: Transposed (2016) Korin Gould, KoorinGal Publications, ISBN-13: 978-0987326362 || LINK

  • With a Side of Chicken (2015) Korin Gould, KoorinGal Publications, ISBN-13: 978-0987326355 || LINK

  • Epoch: Rescission (2015) Korin Gould, KoorinGal Publications, ISBN-13: 978-0987326348 || LINK

  • Matilda and the Three Drop Bears (2011) Lauren Hemphill, Kooringal Publications, ISBN-13: 978- 0980740073 || LINK


  • 2 card illustrations in Grotto Beasts Trading Card Game (2023) Elbertson and Sons LLC || LINK

  • Poster design for the convention WinterCon VII (2023) UniCon Latvia

  • 1 design "Women of Dead by Daylight" on 3 products in Dead by Daylight Official Store (2021) Behaviour Interactive || LINK

  • 7 (limited time) product designs in “Wayne Radio Tangible Vitems” Teespring store (2020) WayneRadioTV || LINK

  • Storyboard first pass for Newborn This Way Pencilmation (Uncredited) (2019) Bollinger Animation

  • October's illustration in 2018 Homestuck Calendar (2018) For Fans By Fans, What Pumpkin Studios || LINK

  • 3rd place in #BorderlandsOnSHIELD art contest hosted by NVIDIA (2016) || LINK

  • 1 card illustration in Pacific Arcana (2015) Mia Mardikian || LINK || LINK

  • T-shirt design “Brobots” in Homestuck's For Fans By Fans store (2014) For Fans By Fans || LINK

  • Art featured in “Doctor Who: Farewell to Matt Smith” documentary segment (2013) BBC America || LINK

  • T-shirt design "The Apprentice" in Yogscast Kim Spreadshirt Store (2013) Yogscast

  • Greeting card design "The Yogscast" (2013) Yogscast

  • 4 card illustrations in Homestuck Tarot Cards (2012) Andrew Hussey, What Pumpkin Studios || LINK

  • Art used for 1 track cover (Let’s All Rock the Heist), in the album At the Price of Oblivion / Homestuck Vol. 7-8 (2011) Homestuck || LINK || LINK


  • One illustration in Just One More Thing. Columbo Exhibition (2023) Jam Bookshop, London, UK || LINK

  • One illustration in Doctor's Universe. Doctor Who Fanart Show (2014) Assago, Milan, Italy || LINK


  • [upcoming] Tracon 2024, Tampere, Finland

  • [upcoming] Unicon 2024, Riga, Latvia - August 17-18

  • [upcoming] Ropecon 2024, Helsinki, Finland

  • Comic Con Baltics 2024, Vilnius, Lithuania

  • Anime Nights 2024, Kaunas, Lithuania

  • J-Tsoon 2024, Tallinn, Estonia

  • WinterCon VIII 2024, Riga, Latvia

  • J-Tsoon Burning Pumpkins 2023, Tallinn, Estonia

  • Comic Con Baltics 2023, Vilnius, Lithuania

  • UniCon 2023, Riga, Latvia

  • WinterCon VII 2023, Riga, Latvia

  • AnimeWeekend Winterfall 2022, Vilnius, Lithuania

  • UniCon 2022, Riga, Latvia

  • UniCon 2021, Riga, Latvia

  • UniCon 2020, Riga, Latvia

  • WinterCon VI 2020, Riga, Latvia

  • UniCon 2019, Riga, Latvia